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an eTriology  y, Michelle Carbotte

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       an eTrilogy by, Michelle Carbotte

This world is not an accident nor is it a mistake. It is the most amazing and wonderful journey of learning who we really are; the children of Almighty God, and we are endowed with the power to create whatever we desire and choose. Would you like to experience magic in your life? Then, it is time to unleash the  power of I AM and truly live as we were designed to be; powerful and successful. Learn how the Triptych Force works and what it can do for you and change your life for the better starting today!
The Triptych Force eBook I AM is AVAILABLE NOW @ 


We are beings of light who have been given life in order to fulfill an important and divine purpose. We all belong to the very same family and our most basic purpose is to take care of each other. Learn how to align yourself to the divine energy and stay forever connected, through correction & prayer, to the source of power that created us and is in us. For It is through this alignment that we are able to achieve our greatest heart's desire and will be able to over 

come every hardship, enemy and painful circumstance.


The Triptych Force eBook WE ARE is AVAILABLE NOW @ 


 He is the voice of reason; He is the heart of mercy; He holds the key to the Kingdom and all power and authority over the Triptych Force is His. He is our choice to make and He reaches out to each and every one of us, urging us to make that choice! Discover all about The One whose greatest desire is to share with mankind all that He has. All in heaven and upon earth belong to Him and He shares it all freely with anyone who chooses The Way.

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Welcome to the Triptych Force

(pronounced Trip-Tic)

What is the Triptych Force?


Do you desire a fulfilling and meaningful life? Then you are ready to experience the awesome power of the Triptych Force. It is an eTrilogy, created to explain what this mystical energy force is and how it can be used to change your life in very profound and miraculous ways. It incorporates a whole-being approach (mind, body and spirit) and is meant to be used as a handbook or guide for everyday life, and there is something in it for everyone! Part one, I AM is where it all begins. This eBook will bring you closer to the Creator of the Universe than you have ever been before. Read for yourself the true purpose of creation. This time period is special, and according to many holy texts, spiritual messages have been embedded into the Bible and kept hidden, but are now being revealed to us, the people of this special age. This is not a message of doom and gloom but one of magical power and love.


Part two, We Are is all about us. We are both human and divine and there is a way of life which balances the two. The Triptych Force offers us strength and power to fulfill our every dream. If we follow the formula simply laid out in the series, there is absolutely nothing we cannot accomplish. We are created to achieve and the Triptych Force supplies us with everything we need for our success.


Parts one and two explain who we are, why  we are here, who God is and what this means for practical daily living. They define  the magic energy of the Triptych Force, and how to tap into it to improve our  lives. They also disclose that this power is under the authority of one, and if we  wish to explore the deeper levels of this power and gain access to all aspects  of it, we must first understand who He Is which is the focus of book three.


I invite you today to come explore the Triptych  Force beginning with part one: I AM. It is much more than just a simple eBook about God; it is a supernatural  handbook filled with practical information, pertinent to daily human life. Find out the true meaning of the word Trinity. Learn about the Triptych Force Laws that govern our reality and the seven different types  of prayer. Put into practice the formula for successful praying. Find out what it means to be a Kingdom Dweller and align to the Majestic Divine Mind. Gain a brand new  perspective of family dynamics and the purpose of life. If you are already  living a spiritual life, this series will enhance your faith and bring you  into an even deeper relationship with our Creator Father.  If you have not yet made a commitment, but feel the tug of the supernatural, then the Triptych Force will give you  everything you desire: knowledge, power, purpose and magic. May strength and peace be with you and may the  Triptych Force draw you in and teach you everything you desire to know. FSHS.



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