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(Psalms 82:1) God presides in the heavenly council; in the assembly of the gods He gives his decisions.

(Psalms 89:7) the council of the Holy Ones.

(Exodus 15:11) Lord, who among the gods is like you?

(Genesis 1:26) Then God said, "And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us.

The true power of the Triptych Force comes from the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The word triptych means trinity. God the Father is the idea man; it is His vision we are all participating in. God the Son is the spoken word, which is the action that brought this world into being and God the Holy Spirit is the invisible energy which enables creation to exist. The Holy Spirit is also wisdom. All creation came into being through these three powers; Thought, Word and Wisdom. The Triptych Force is the heavenly council of the Holy Ones, who work together to carry out the original plan of I AM, the Great Creator God. His plan is simple: At an appointed time, all  of the amazing and wondrous things, which the Trinity has created, is to be shared with mankind, and when this occurs, God's vision will be fully revealed and our real lives as children of God, will commence. Until that time arrives, it is our duty as daughters and sons of the Most-High God, to become the kindest and most generous people we possibly can. We were born to manifest on earth, all the great qualities of God our Father and to do this we are given the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to ensure that we will have all that we will ever need to reach this goal. Learn more about this phenomenal magic power; what it is, how it works and how to harness it.  Download your copy of I AM today and change your lives for the better forever! May peace and safety be yours at all times. FSHS

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